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Hoarder Cleanout Woodcliff New Jersey

At JunkDoctors, we understand that a hoarding cleanout in Woodcliff New Jersey is much more complicated than a standard house cleanout. As a hoarder’s home accumulates more and more junk, it can go from dirty and cluttered to dangerous. An advanced hoarder situation is highly likely to contain biohazardous materials, and stacked junk has the potential to injure a person if not removed carefully. Due to the risk involved, it’s highly important to hire a professional hoarding cleanup service like JunkDoctors. Not only do we have the knowledge and expertise to remove a hoarder’s junk safely, but we also understand that the person who created the issue never intended for it to spiral out of control. We treat them with the compassion they deserve. For a free, no-obligation estimate, simply fill out our contact form or give us a call. We look forward to helping you put an end to this problem.

What is hoarding?

Hoarding is the excessive collection of items, even if the items are of little or no value. The hoarder may not see the value in getting rid of things and may feel a need to keep everything. The hoarder may also have difficulty making decisions, which can make it hard to let go of anything. Hoarding can lead to cluttered and unsafe living conditions.

Hoarding Cleanout Woodcliff NJ
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Hoarding Cleanup

JunkDoctors is the best company for hoarding cleanouts in Woodcliff, NJ because we are a professional and experienced company that will get the job done right. We understand the sensitivity of the situation and will work with you to ensure that your home is cleaned out safely and efficiently. We also offer a free consultation so that you can see how we would approach your specific situation.

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Competitive pricing on all junk removal and clean outs. No hidden surcharges of any kind!

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Our service is always on time so our valued customers don't waste theirs. Flexible scheduling & hours.

Fill out our contact form and you will be all booked for your junk removal or property cleanout service.

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Your local hoarder cleanout in Woodcliff NJ

Hoarding Cleanout New Jersey

Our teams dismantle items that will not fit out the door including bedrooms sets, dining tables, china cabinets

Bagging & Boxing

Our teams will bag loose items from closets, attic, pantries. Our teams will box glassware, dishware and fragile items


We love our planet, and we are committed to be as eco-friendly as possible. Our teams recycle cardboard, appliances, plastic & more


There may be items that are not junk, or recyclables. Not to worry our teams will take care of donating items as well.

Broom Up

After the team removes the items and the team will finish by Brooming clean the areas.

Hoarder house cleanouts in Woodcliff NJ is a dangerous job — Call in the professionals!

Hoarding cleanouts are one of the most dangerous types of jobs that a person can do. There are many dangers associated with hoarder cleanups, and these dangers can be magnified when the hoarder is located in Woodcliff, New Jersey. Here are some of the dangers associated with hoarder cleanups:

1. Fire Hazards - One of the biggest dangers associated with hoarder cleanups is the risk of fire. Hoarders often have large amounts of combustible materials in their homes, and if these materials catch fire, it can be very difficult to extinguish the blaze. In addition, hoarders often have blocked exits and cluttered hallways, making it difficult for firefighters to reach people who may be trapped inside.

2. Health Hazards - Another danger associated with hoarder cleanups is the risk of exposure to hazardous materials. Many hoarders collect items that are potentially harmful, such as old medications or cleaning products. If these products are not properly disposed of, they can pose a serious health hazard to those who come into contact with them. In addition, hoarders often have poor hygiene and living conditions, which can lead to the spread of disease.

3. Safety Hazards - The cluttered nature of hoarded homes also poses a safety hazard to those who enter them. It is easy to trip and fall in a cluttered home, and sharp objects may be hidden beneath piles of debris. In addition, electrical cords and other hazards may be present in a hoarded home, posing a serious risk of injury or death.

4. Emotional Hazards - Finally, working on a hoarder cleanup can be emotionally taxing for those involved. Seeing firsthand the living conditions that some people endure can be traumatizing, and dealing with emotional outbursts from hoarders can be difficult. It is important to have support from family and friends when undertaking a project like this, as it can take a toll on your mental health

Wondering if you or someone you know has hoarding disorder in Woodcliff NJ?

Here are the signs and symptoms, as identified by specialists at the Mayo Clinic:

-Persistent inability to throw away or donate possessions, regardless of their actual value
-Increasing clutter in the home or work space
-An intense emotional attachment to certain items
-A belief that an item will be needed or used in the future
-Difficulty organizing or categorizing belongings
-Indecision about what to keep or where to put things
-Excessive shopping for items that are not needed

If you are in Woodcliff New Jersey 07642 or the surrounding area and need professional hoarding cleanout services of any size, call JunkDoctors today at 973-336-8083.

Hoarding Cleanout FAQs

  • What are the dangers of hoarding in Woodcliff, New Jersey?

    ​Those who do the hoarding cleaning must be prepared for animal (rats, mice, vermin, etc.) droppings and the animals still alive running through the items and trash. The droppings contain all types of diseases, and unless you have your hepatitis (A, B, and C) shots, tetanus shots, RBI shots, and other array of shots dealing with harmful and deadly diseases, you might be taking a chance when cleaning up after a hoarding.

    Please also be careful for sharp objects (knives, broken glass, and sharp objects of any kind) that will cut you. Hypodermic needles can also be a concern.

    Please call us at 973-336-8083 for assistance in hoarding clean up.

  • JunkDoctors personnel are trained to put aside all valuables and any items that may have a monetary value. These items are shown to the responsible party and boxed up for further evaluation by the responsible party.

  • ​Timing differs for each home depending on volume, size, hazards, and more. Our professional cleanout experts can clean out a home in 3-5 days. Depending on the person who is hoarding, the process can easily be extended for several weeks.

  • ​The vast majority of those who contact us are in the midst of attempting to declutter/liquidate an estate after the death of a family member or in cases where they are legally appointed guardians or conservators.

    ​We are also contacted by seniors themselves—or their legal representatives—needing assistance with downsizing the estate or with packing and making all needed arrangements to ensure a safe, smooth transition to an alternative residential environment.

  • ​There are two ways that hoarding clean out service is priced (volume vs hourly). The price difference depends whether or not the person that collected the items would be present during the clean out. Pricing for hoarding cleanouts include bagging, dismantling, loading, hauling, disposal or recycling fees.

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